Our ambition

The organisational structure of Tipiak by areas of expertise reflects its ambition: “to develop by gathering together pioneering companies under the Tipiak Brand and shared values. These companies are reknown for their culinary expertise and the quality, originality and authenticity of their products in addition to their leading position on their respective markets'.

Tipiak has the ambition to become a benchmark in the food industry, for the quality of its products and its services, and for its financial performance by the enhancement of its key assets:

  • A stable base of shareholders since the creation of the company,
  • Loyal customers in France and abroad as well,
  • A balanced and diversified portfolio of strategic business areas,
  • Company values which are timeless,
  • A strong brand launched 30 years ago, which is held in considerable respect by our customers.

The three principles of Tipiak are Anticipation, Differentiation and Professionalism, which are widely shared by the company’s personnel, are key to motivation and responsibility within our teams. 
By inventing each day new and original ways to follow these principles, Tipiak, remains faithful to the spirit which had guided its development over more than one hundred and eighty years.  It reinforces its capacity to satisfy and encourage all those that have supported it over time: consumers, clients, shareholders and employees. 

President and General Manager