Our anti-corruption approach

Tipiak is committed to fighting corruption, trading in influence, fraud, and money laundering in all its forms and in all the countries where the Group operates.
Each employee must take care to never receive or pay bribes, receive or send invitations or gifts that may influence irregular decision making within the Tipiak Group.

Already involved in this process thanks to its internal charter of values and commitments and its adherence to the principles of the Global Compact since 2003, the Tipiak Group affirms its commitment to the fight against corruption, by setting up the following system:

  • An “anti-corruption Code of Conduct” appended to the internal regulations of each establishment and available on the website,
  • Regularly providing training to the employees who are most exposed to the risks of corruption and trading in influence (particularly employees with relationships to third parties within the framework of their activities),
  • A gradual assessment of customers, suppliers and intermediaries to ensure that they adhere to and respect anti-corruption rules of conduct,
  • An alert system within the company allowing, in all confidentiality, infringements to anti-corruption rules to be reported and handled (codedeconduite@tipiak.fr),
  • This system is monitored and evaluated every year.


=> Access to the anti-corruption Code of Conduct

=> Versión española del código de conducta anticorrupción disponible aqui