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Key figures 2017

Consolidated turnover 2017 (in millions of euros – IFRS)

In 2017, net sales amounted to € 198.1 million with almost stable sales in both sectors (Frozen : + 2%, Dry : -2%) compared to 2016. Tipiak brand sales posted a slight increase (+ 2%) in the retail channel in France and a strong growth internationally (+ 10%). Tipiak brand share in the Group's total sales exceeded 59%, an increase of 11 points in 5 years.

Turnover TIPIAK 2017

Financial Information (in millions of euros – IFRS)

Year 2017 was marked by a very slight change in food consumption in France and a continued deflation of consumer prices while the purchase prices of strategic raw materials recorded strong increases. This context negatively affected the Group's results. Consolidated net income thus stands at € 4.2 million, down € 0.9 million. Nevertheless, the group pursued its policies and actions to strengthen its market share in France, to conquer new foreign markets, to foster new product development and to sustain an ambitious level of capital expenditures, including the completion of the information systems migration project.

Financial information TIPIAK

Average payroll (*)

In 2017, average payroll consisted of 1,303 people. During the year, Tipiak recruited 81 people on permanent contracts, of which 13 were new positions. The evolution in headcount was mainly due to more use of seasonal jobs at year end.

* Average payroll in FTE in 2017, including temporary staff.

Average Payroll TIPIAK

Share Capital

Distribution of share capital

Tipiak’s share capital as at 31 December 2017 totalled €2,741,940, divided into 913,980 shares with a nominal value of €3. The two founding families (Billard and Groult) each control 35% of the capital.

Stock exchange

The company was quoted on the unlisted securities market (NYSE EURONEXT; Section C) in 1988. Market capitalisation at the end of December 2017 amounted to €784.4 million.

Share Capital TIPIAK