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Key figures 2016


Consolidated turnover 2016
(in millions of euros – IFRS)

In 2016, sales amounted to € 197.6 million, an increase of 2.6% compared to 2015. This growth was mainly driven by the Tipiak brand, whose sales in the retail channel in France increased by 10, 3%. The brand thus further strengthened its leading market share in every strategic segment. Tipiak brand sales accounted for 59% of the Group's total sales, up 3 points in 1 year and 11 points in 4 years.



Share of turnover 2016

Financial Information (in millions of euros – IFRS)

The economic environment remained sluggish and unstable in France in 2016, marked by a very low growth in food consumption and a deflation in consumer prices. The purchase prices of some strategic raw materials also remained at historically high levels. Against this backdrop, the Group managed to further improve its consolidated net income, which rose by nearly 11% to € 5.1 million.

The sales growth in volume and the improvement in the product mix, driven by the dynamic development of the Tipiak brand, lower financial expenses and income tax contributed to this performance.


Average payroll (*)

In 2016, average payroll consisted of 1,264 people. During the year, Tipiak recruited 70 people on permanent contracts, of which 13 were new positions. The evolution in headcount was mainly due to more use of seasonal jobs at year end.

* Average payroll in FTE in 2016, including temporary staff.

Share Capital

Distribution of share capital
Tipiak’s share capital as at 31 December 2016 totalled €2,741,940, divided into 913,980 shares with a nominal value of €3. The two founding families (Billard and Groult) each control 35% of the capital.

Stock exchange
The company was quoted on the unlisted securities market (NYSE EURONEXT; Section C) in 1988. Market capitalisation at the end of December 2016 amounted to €72.9 million.